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Product/Solution innovation using R & D Resource Augmentation

Through our Dedicated Development Center Model, we provide to our clients with a unique & dedicated software development team. This team works in accordance with the technology, tools, processes, and methodologies of the client. Each dedicated development center is located at Kennovation’s futuristic facility in India and is staffed and managed by us.

Since inception, Kennovation has been in permanent partnerships with various customers providing them with highly-skilled, trained, remote-teams to work as part of their research and development divisions. Such long term partnerships have helped Kennovation to accumulate various facets of dedicated team setup, best practices in the industry, and embracing the Scrum process. Being Agile, these Teams readily adjust and advance as to customer requirements and are uncompromising to quality and schedule. Our dedicated Teams work on flexible work shifts to facilitate interaction with clients from different time zones and help gain domain knowledge and technical expertise, which has improved clients’ ROI.  Kennovation assists the clients with in-depth visibility via Kennovation’s Project Management Tool and multiple communication channels with the Team. Frequent incremental drops of working software keep the clients aware of the progress of various projects related activities and avoid delusions.

To summarize, here are a few of the advantages of the Dedicated Development Center Model in a long term partnership with Kennovation:

  • Immediate access to highly-skilled, trained professionals with virtually no hiring effort
  • Avoids Client’s resource overloading/commitment to employees
  • Complete visibility to Team activities
  • Zero Infrastructure operating costs
  • Helps yearly budgeting
  • Option to scale up/down team strength as per business needs
  • Flexible work shifts to facilitate close interaction
  • High confidentiality and intellectual rights’ ownership and protection
  • Opportunity to benefit from Kennovation’s proficiency in Project Management, Process implementation, Quality Assurance, and other strengths
  • Enduring partnership

Kennovation believes in long-term partnerships with clients, and this helps us accumulate various facets of their business. Many of our clients involve our Teams in market research, competitive analysis, product conceptualization, architecture, design, and development. Kennovation has demonstrated that our Teams could very much meet the expectations of our clients who trust us with assignments that are critical to their business. Being Agile and our Team’s “bring-it-on” attitude has helped us achieve many an accomplishment in the past.