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Many Digital Transformation initiatives fail since companies focus too much on the technology components, without paying the necessary attention to transforming the customer experience.

Kennovation has worked with many clients and helped them successfully transform their businesses using a well-defined transformation methodology.

Many times it is necessary to start the transformation processes starting from the core business strategy. Today’s digital world has shifted the focus from products/solutions to customer experience using new digital touchpoints. Many existing companies with their products/solutions centric strategies, pricing structures, GoTo market channels need to reevaluate their overall proposition and business model to adapt to new product/solution positioning paradigm shifts.

Another critical factor is the necessary organizational and cultural change to interact and relate to the new, Digitally connected customer base. Many existing processes need reengineering, better automation, and injecting data collection mechanisms to build effective and efficient business intelligence analytics.

Digital Transformation methodology created by Kennovation uses the latest Design Thinking, Process Modeling, and Agile development mechanisms to execute the transformation successfully. Kennovation team also works closely with the Client Management team to implement required cultural and organizational changes.